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  • OTIDE Agility Team

    Members: Tim Salazar (Team Lead), Keslie Fendley, Erica Gambrell, Ashley Chambers & Jessica Ezell.

    The Office of Teaching Innovation & Digital Education – OTIDE (formerly the College of Continuing Studies) Agility team met every two weeks and focused on two areas. The first was to promote the knowledge of Agility including how to increase awareness and adoption throughout OTIDE. Second, they were developing new projects to automate processes to increase efficiency at the staff level.

    The team faced numerous challenges. There were technical challenges where they tried to do things no one had ever done before, political challenges as they navigated the examination of processes that go beyond OTIDE’ control, and human challenges as they sought to navigate behaviors that are entrenched in status quo.

  • Office of Teaching Innovation & Digital Education

    Image of the CCS Agility Team

    To work through the challenges, they brought in perspectives from individuals with different areas of expertise and spoke with staff members who had never been engaged with this type of process to use their ability to look at the process differently. They engaged with the campus partner and presented compiled information showing the impact of their process on the OTIDE staff along with a demonstration of a proposed replacement that OTIDE designed.

    Congratulations to the OTIDE Agility Team for engaging stakeholders and staff and collaborating with teams outside of your college!

    Their next effort was the “Agility Team Efficiency Project,” where they invite OTIDE colleagues who have ideas on better ways to accomplish daily tasks to share with those who use similar resources.

How have Agility ideas benefited OTIDE? “I think it is a great move toward more efficiency.”

Dr. Amanda Ingram, discussing the electronic supplemental pay form (ePA)