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Book Club Overview

The goal of our reading group is to meet others across the University who are interested in continuous improvement and apply the material to our workplace. We look forward to having interesting discussions filled with diverse perspectives building relationships with others. We will meet quarterly for an hour to discuss a chapter, article, book, etc.

2024 Schedule:

  • Friday, April 26th
  • Friday, August 16th
  • Friday, December 6th

Join our Book Club by sending us an email at !


    We expect the group members to read the material and come with comments and reflections.

    If you can’t get to the reading for a specific meeting, however, come anyway. You’ll learn from the discussion and hopefully want to finish the material later.


    Book Club Format in a graph

    The Ladder of Inference emphasizes the value of a step-by-step progression. We will use those steps in our book club:

    1. Review notes to remember the section: 3 mins

    2. “WHAT? What happened? What did you notice? What facts or observations stood out?”: 5 mins

    3. Then, after all the salient observations have been collected, ask, “SO WHAT? Why is that important? What patterns or conclusions are emerging? What hypotheses can you make?”: 5 min

    4 Then, after the sense-making is over, ask, “NOW WHAT? What actions make sense?”: 5 min

    5. Then repeat this twice more for other sections.